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America the Beautiful (e-book)

A resource for students, this database contains information about the states and territories of the U.S. including facts, history, geography, and biographical information on famous people.

America's Top-Rated Small Towns & Cities: A Statistical Handbook (e-book)

Provides detailed profiles and comparative statistics of small towns and cities across the country with populations from 3,000 to 25,000.

America's Top-Rated Smaller Cities 2012/13 (e-book)

Provides current, comprehensive data on U.S. cities, all top-ranked by population growth, median income, unemployment rate and crime rate.

Bowling, Beatniks, and Bell-Bottoms: Pop Culture of 20th- and 21st-Century America (e-book)

Covers the popular culture of the 20th Century and first decade of the 21st Century.

Boy Culture: An Encyclopedia (e-book)

Provides a look into what it means to be a boy growing up in North America, covering everything from toys and games, friends and family, and psychological and social development.

Cultural Encyclopedia of Vegetarianism (e-book)

Explores the historical and cultural significance of vegetarianism in the United States and beyond.             


Information is provided about the countries of the world and the 50 U. S. States including maps, statistics, history, and images.

Encyclopedia of Social Networks (e-book)

Provides a thorough introduction to the wide-ranging, fast-developing field of social networking. Offers comprehensive coverage of the theory and research within the social sciences that has sprung from the analysis of such groupings, with accompanying definitions, measures, and research.

Encyclopedia of the Life Course and Human Development (e-book)

Examines three key life stages from a sociological perspective, exploring how enduring experiences, as well as transitions and events such as childcare, education, stress, marriage, career, addiction, friendship, parenthood, disease, spirituality, and retirement influence the individual's life course. The life stages examined are: Childhood and Adolescence; Adulthood; and Later Life.

Encyclopedia of Urban Studies (e-book)

Covers all aspects of cities, their suburbs, and other urban areas. Includes urban economics, urban planning, urban architecture, urban ecology, urban transportation systems, urban politics, and urban social relations. 

Encyclopedia of Vampires & Werewolves, The (e-book)

Provides more than 500 entries exploring the supernatural aspects of these creatures and their pop culture counterparts.

Gale Virtual Reference Library (e-book)

The Gale Virtual Reference Library is a selection of reference titles available online. Subjects covered include arts, history, religion and philosophy, social science, law, literature, science & technology, and more.

Greenwood Encyclopedia of LGBT Issues Worldwide, The (e-book)

Provides an international overview of key issues in the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals and fosters a broader understanding of the status of LGBT in their society.

Holiday Symbols and Customs (e-book)

Describes the origins of holidays around the world. Explains where, when, and how each event is celebrated, with detailed information on the symbols and customs associated with the holiday. 

Holidays of the World Cookbook for Students: Updated and Revised (e-book)

Provides detailed information about the holidays of nations around the world and presents a multitude of selected recipes that are ideal for each celebration.

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (e-book)

Provides detailed profiles and comparative statistics of small towns and cities across the country with populations from 3,000 to 25,000.

Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Holidays (e-book)

This online encyclopedia provides information on many world holidays and includes information on customs, folklore, clothing, food, music, and dance.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America, The (e-book)

Articles cover the significant events, inventions, and social movements in American history that have affected the way Americans view, prepare, and consume food and drink.

Points of View Reference Center

Provides a series of essays that present multiple sides of current issues. Included are documents from leading political magazines, newspapers, radio and TV news transcripts, primary sources and reference books. The database also offers guides to debate, developing arguments, and writing position papers. Additionally, this database contains the Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century, providing students with a searchable collection of social, political, and cultural moments in a visual format.

Profiles of California (e-book)

Provides detailed demographic and statistical data on the State of California, including demographics on each county and individual city or town; detailed data on school districts; Hispanic and Asian population statistics; informative statistics and rankings on ancestry groups; weather statistics; and comparative ranking charts.

Rand California

A statistical database about California containing facts and figures on the economy, crime rates, school test scores, government and finance, demographics, and more. Also provided is an online index of public policy reports and research publications.


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