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Alice and Joanie B for the Love of Napping

Never under-estimate the power of taking a nap!

Alice and Joanie B. - hardworking, cluckin' and scratchin' and referencin' library-hens that they are - love a good nap on their days off....

Favorite napping positions: 

napping joanie b

Joanie B's best nap technique is to tuck her beak into soft feathers of a resting wing...



napping alice

Alice likes to blop on the grass and close her eyes tight, ready to dream...about....


...napping babies and puppies...

french bulldog and baby napping


...napping doggies and boys...who share a pillow and a blankie...

napping dog and boy


...napping puppies who like a shoulder for a pillow...

theo and puppy


...or napping children who like a good dog for a pillow to nap on...

girl and wolfhound


..or vice versa...

boy and mastiff


...some dogs also make good beds for some some of Alice's dreams...

boy and dog asleep


Joanie B. always dreams of hatching a napping puppy...

chicken and puppy


...or three...

chicken and puppies


But the best dream of all is the story they heard just before napping!

bedtime story


Maybe you'd like to nap after a good story from SCCLD...

The Napping House
The Napping House


Bernard's Nap Bernard's Nap


Pirate Nap
Pirate Nap




Alice and Joanie B by Laurenjoan logo



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Links to photos of dogs and children or chickens and dogs or chicken and child...

dog and cat nap