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Arcade Fire + Reflektor = Sparkle-Chicken-K-Pop-Academy AWARD!

Alice and Joanie B. are reflecting on Reflektor...because..

Yeah!!    It's Arcade Fire and Reflektor LOVE!!


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Paul Krugman, Alice & Joanie B., and David Bowie
have declared a WINNER -- of the first ever --

** Sparkle-Chicken-K-Pop Academy Award **



Check-out the Reflektor video for yourself:


Check-out the CD for yourself at SCCLD Libraries:



Laurenjoan sez: I Second that Emotion!

Arcade Fire was first introduced to me (and Alice and Joanie B) through Paul Krugman, Nobel-Prize winner of Economics and great opinonator at the New York Times by way of his NYT blog. I was flabbergasted by the Reflektor video and couldn't wait for the album's release. Taking the influence of the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice and also the film, Black Orpheus, Arcade Fire's Reflektor brings 1970s rock and funk-like sound in a disco/emo musical direction, reaching for depth, thought and ambition. Meanwhile, David Bowie has been a long-time fan and believer in Arcade Fire, he even sings in Reflektor. As one reviewer writes:

 “It’s Never Over” brings to mind mid-80s Cure. There are so many new elements woven into the mix that you might want to keep a score card near. Shreds of Stones-like funk, Talking Heads-esque production, and a good dose of glam rock, including the very Bowie-esque title track – which features the backing vocals of the White Duke, himself.

PS - Lovin' the Big Head masks of the Reflektor video, ah-la, Carnival.  Here's a bit of the Black Orpheus (one of my all-time favorite films with my now favorite band) for you in Arcade Fire's Afterlife music video:


Alice and Joanie B by Laurenjoan logo



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