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Have You Counted Your Buttons Today?

October 21st is Count Your Buttons Day!

 Do you, like me, have a button collection? I'm just a novice, collecting for only 15 years or so, with only about 300 buttons. 

Until I heard about this holiday, I thought I was alone in my fascination with buttons. I love the colors, and designs, but mostly I love the memories I have of sewing with my mother and playing with all her extra buttons.

There are even many groups that meet to talk about their buttons. I am now considering becoming a member of The Button Society.

Maybe buttons are not your thing, maybe you collect glass, fiestaware, or antique tools, whatever your collection, we'll have books for you to find out the worth of your collectibles.

Are you suffering from a lack of a collection? Fear not, we have books on many collections, have a look at the books below to see if anything calls to you. /Terye

The Collector's Encyclopedia of Buttons

The Collector's Encyclopedia of Buttons by Sally Luscomb

Here's a great place to start, with this book you'll be able to determine what your prized buttons are worth, or decide on your next button acquistion!

The Button Lover's Book (Creative Machine Arts Series)

The Button Lover's Book by Marilyn Greene

 A history of buttons; tips on making your own; instructions for making jewelry, toys, games from old ones; and other suggestions for choosing and using them are included.  A delight for any do-it-yourselfer. What a wonderful book, full of great ideas.

Ask the Experts Guide to Collectibles

Ask the Experts Guide to Collectibles

Here's a great book if you're looking for something to collect. This book has wonderful photos of the items that are quite collectible. This will help you decide on what is "hot" in the world of collectibles. There is a section for "Starter Buys" and "Core Collections."

Evaluating your Collection

Evaluating Your Collection : The 14 Points of Connoisseurship

With this book, you'll be better able to determine what your collection is worth. In addition you'll learn handy tips to be able to spot fakes when adding to your collection.

Collecting World Coins

Collecting World Coins : 1901 - Present

Read this book before you buy that next soda from a vending machine! In this book you will see what makes a coin valuable. With this book you will find nearly 25,000 accurate coin prices, from the coins that are newly minted to coins that have been out of circulation for a while.

Stamp Collecting

Stamp Collecting by Stephen R. Datz

Well here's an oldie by a goodie! My father had a stamp collection and I loved looking at all the beautiful stamps from all over the world. I wonder if the technology age has made stamp collecting more difficult, or interesting, or...more profitable!  This book is written by an expert of stamp collecting and is writes with the novice in mind.

Care & Repair of Antiques & Collectibles

Care & Repair of Antiques & Collectibles : A Step by Step Guide by Judith Miller

Ahh, you been collecting for awhile, or are just beginning, this book will be a big help. With the advice in this book, you will learn how to transport your antiques and treasures. You'll find out how to repair a beloved piece, or what to do when you find out the new piece you aquired for your collection is broken. Judith Miller is highly regarded as an expert in this field.