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The Gobble-uns 'at gits you...Chickens...


Alice and Joanie B. loves 'em a little ol' fashion scary...

The Gobble-uns 'at gits you...

...Ef you Don't Watch Out!


Joanie B. Gnome Chicken


Joanie B.
3 feet
in the air.


"Whoa-akk! The
gobble-un's are out to get me!"



Alice: Bahw-w-w-k-ha-ha! I'm a scary
gobble-un and


alice goblin





Laurenjoan: Alice and Joanie B. are...

Halloween Chicken Queens -
give 'em a pumpkin,
they'll think it's a treat,
give 'em a costume,
they'll trick to a beat,
 read 'em a scary tale
and their Halloween's complete!

...Why just the other night,
the sky was black as pitch
and the gray moon full and bright,
so I read 'em the bestest,
mostest scary tale of all time.
..about Little Orphant Annie
and the gobble'uns
that will get YOU...
if you don't watch out...












Laurenjoan's Tale of a Scary Tale:

Little Orphant Annie was written by James Whitcomb Riley in 1885 - back in the day when gobble-un's, the rulers of bedtime stories, could snatch bad children through the ceilin'...

Little Orphant Annie is based upon a real orphan  - Mary Alice "Allie" Smith - who came to live with Riley's family on their farm in Indiana during the Civil War, a true story...Wikipedia says so.

A word about Hoosier - the dialect of Indiana and Little Orphant Annie - the words can be strange and hard to read today, but it sure does set a tone -- earthy and scary, like a bad dream (which is why I really like it) and it makes the poem a terrific read aloud. 

Interested in reading more James Whitcome Riley?  Check-out the SCCLD e-resource, The Columbia Granger's World of Poetry or these books from SCCLD libraries:

The Complete Poetical Works of James Whitcomb Riley


The Complete Poetical Works of James Whitcomb Riley


When the Frost Is on the Punkin
When the Frost Is on the Punkin


Alice and Joanie B by Laurenjoan logo



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Chicken Gnome and Gobble-un graphics:


Little Orphan Annie

This is one of my favorite poems of all time! Thanks for the interesting information. It is great to see the original dialect. It adds to the spookiness.

Happy Halloween!