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The Awesome Gravity of Alfonso Cuarón


Scene from the film Gravity

Sorry for the pun, but audiences are really falling for director Alfonso Cuarón's movie Gravity Gravity . This is great news because not only is Gravity a terrific movie experience but it means that an exceptional director is getting some deserved mainstream attention.

Cuarón started out directing television in his hometown of Mexico City. While his best known films are large budget science fiction and fantasy films, Cuarón manages to retain the intimate human scale of his earliest films.   He also has enough of a presence as a director to stamp even big budget adaptations with his personal style.

His major films are all worth checking out.

DVD Cover for Solo Con Tu Pareja

Sólo con tu pareja Sólo con tu pareja

Cuarón's debut film is good enough to merit a Criterion Collection release.  This ambitious first movie is a comedy about a man who has so many romantic partners, he can't keep track of them all.  In an act of revenge, he is lead to believe he is dying which creates a host of comic misunderstandings as his life spirals out of control.  This stylish film has been compared to the work of the great director Pedro Almodóvar.

A Little Princess

A Little Princess

This magical, dreamy Americanized adaptation of Francis Hodgson Burnett's classic novel is Cuarón's personal favorite among his films.  It is a remarkable movie both for its extraordinary visuals, by frequent Cuarón collaborator cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, as well as the way the film uses its American setting to add layers of unexpected depth to the well known story.

Y tu mamá también

Y tu mamá también

After the stylized beauty of his last film, Cuarón switched gears into a sexy, jazzy comedy/drama about two young men on a road trip with an older woman.  Many critics have called this Cuarón's best movie and the way it embraces both comedy and tragedy is deftly handled. He received an Oscar nomination for the original screenplay.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

After, Chris Columbus' somewhat staid and faithful adaptations of JK Rowling's famous novels, Cuarón stepped in on the third film with a darker, wilder vision that perplexed some fans and thrilled others.

Children of Men

Children of Men

Another movie, another adaptation of an acclaimed novel. This film of the future feels as immediate as the nightly news.  Cuarón manages to convey a you-are-there feeling to this tense and urgent look at a world where the human race becomes infertile. Cuarón again received an Oscar nomination for his screenplay adaptation as well as for his intense editing.


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