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NYT: Dogs Are People, Too. But What About Chickens?!!





It was Sunday morning and Alice was enjoying The New York Times on her iPad.  Right away, her wing-tip swiped to the Opinion Page--her favorite place--to share her opinion!


Alice:  Whrawk! According to the New York Times (Opinion Page) - Dogs are people, too?!! They have feelings and emotions, like people. But what about chickens??

Joanie B (looking startled): Baawwk?

Alice (growing hot under her collar feathers): Qwwahk! It's always dogs, dogs, dogs or cats, cats, cats...Did anybody ever bother to ask a chicken how she felt??

Joanie B: I'm feeling hungry. When's Laurenjoan gonna bring out breakfast??

Alice (ignoring her grumbly tummy to make a point): Whrawk! Just like people -- chickens can be brave...   


Chico the Brave
Chico the Brave


Alice:  Just like people, chickens can have happy birthdays. . .

Hilda Hen's Happy Birthday
Hilda Hen's Happy Birthday


Alice: Just like people, chickens can be friends to cats. . .

Chicken and Cat
Chicken and Cat



Alice: Just like people, chickens can be sarcastic and sassytalking -- like me or like Semolina the chicken in:

Chicken Feathers
Chicken Feathers



Alice:  If only people would talk to us, like the good doctor:


Doctor Dolittle
Doctor Dolittle


Alice: ..or even like little Daisy Dawson...

Daisy Dawson on the Farm
Daisy Dawson on the Farm




grumpy alice






Alice:  ...they'd know we have feelings just like they do...braaaawwk





 joanie b is hungry


 Joanie B:  All I know is -- I'm feeling VERY HUNGRY!!





Just then Laurenjoan opened the back door and brought out a great Sunday breakfast for some hungry chickens -- pumpkin, barley, and -- wooo hooo! -- left over corn-on-the-cob!!

Alice forgot all about the NYT Opinion Page and remembered she was feeling very hungry, too....

Alice:  Bawwwwk huzzah - I'm happy its time to eat!


Notes from Laurenjoan:

The New York Times published an interesting piece last weekend titled  Dogs Are People, Too by Gregory Berns, a professor of neuroeconomics at Emory University and the author of “How Dogs Love Us: A Neuroscientist and His Adopted Dog Decode the Canine Brain.”

Dr. Berns has been able to train dogs to go into an MRI fully awake and thus, look more closely at emotion or perception. He found that dogs and humans have striking similarity to each other in both the structure and function of a key brain region: the caudate nucleus - center in the brain of learning and memory.

Interested in reading more about our animal friends - and their emotional lives?  You might want to try these books from SCCLD libraries:


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Unlocking the Animal Mind
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The Exultant Ark
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The Animal Manifesto
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Chasing Doctor Dolittle
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 Animal Wise (ebook)



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Chicken looking at the iPad graphic source:


Love this blog!

So cute! Lauren, I love your chicken blogs. Interesting info at the bottom, too. Thanks!