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Go Ask Alice & Joanie B: How Do You Dewey?


Go Ask Alice & Joanie B

 Dear Alice and Joanie B,
How do you library-hens Dewey?

                              signed, Dewey Dazed

Dear Dewey Dazed,

We Dewey - to find fickle non-fiction - by croonin' and flappin' our wings to the Dewey Decimal Song of Subjects written by yours truly ( the tune of Dem Dry Bones, ready to flap those wings?)

Dewey sorts the non-fiction

Dewey sorts the non-fiction

Dewey sorts the non-fiction

Now find your book thanks to Dewey:

000s is general information and com-pu-ters

100’s is philosophy and psy-cho-lo-gy

200's is all re-li-gions

300's is the social sci-ence-es

400's is grammar and lang-u-ages

500's is all the sci-ence-es

600's applied science and tech-no-logy

700's arts and rec-re-a-tion

800's literature and writ-ing

900's history, geography and bi-o-gra-phy

 ten classes-divisions-sections, while fiction stands-alone

Now you can find your book thanks to Dewey!

Melvil Dewey
Melvil Dewey (1851-1931)

Joanie B:  Wrawwk!  If 600's are applied sciences and technology -- why are chickens in 636.5??

Alice: Why we're applied Chicken and EGG science and technology of course!

Chicken Egg Science


Where Do Chicks Come From?
Where Do Chicks Come From?

How An Egg Grows into A Chicken
How An Egg Grows into A Chicken

And for books about the DEWEY Decimal System -- try these titles:

Do the Dewey!
Dewey & the Decimals
Dewey & the Decimals
Bob the Alien Discovers the Dewey Decimal System
Bob the Alien Discovers the Dewey Decimal System


Notes from Laurenjoan:  Yo! Dewey is the Man.

Before "Keyword Searching" was a twinkle in anyone's eye -- there was (and is), thank goodness, the Dewey Decimal System, the classification system of library materials most used by public libraries to this day. Of course searching on the catalog is one thing, finding the place where a book lives on the shelf is another thing entirely - which makes the Dewey double important.  If materials were classified by keyword we'd be in a big time trouble to find things on the shelf, just think about all the keywords one book has and then all the possible "keyword" places on the shelf that would be--Yikes!   But - thanks to Melvil Dewey, who invented the Dewey Decimal System in 1876, B. C. (Before Computers), libraries have an invaluable tool for classification and organization that is still viable - and essential -- today.

So - one more time for the Dewey:

000--Computer science, information, general works
100--Philosophy and psychology
300--Social sciences
600--Technology and applied science
700--Arts and recreation
900--History and geography and biography

And for you folks needing a little tune reminder - here's a rendition of Dem Dry Bones by the Delta Rhythm  Boys:


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graphic of Dewey: