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Go Ask Alice & Joanie B: Can Children Learn by the Golden Oldies?


Go Ask Alice & Joanie B., the library hens


Dear Alice & Joanie B,

In our house, the Golden Oldies Rule!! 
Can children learn anything by listening to them?

A parent -- Lee "Dancin' to the Oldies"




Alice & Joanie B:  Dear Lee "Dancin' to the Oldies,"

Brawwwk! We have Bill Haley's ABC Boogie to answer your question:

ABC Love



Well, a-readin', writin', arithmetic
Taught to the tune of a licorice stick
No education is ever complete
Without a boogie woogie woogie beat.

When the day is over and it's time to go
The kiddies grab their books and stand right at the door
Teacher is so happy, 'cause she's done her bit
To educate the kids and make 'em really fit
To learn their ABCs with rhythm and ease.




Alice: Awwwk! If you ask me, I'd follow the Mary Poppins rule when it comes to the Golden Oldies - "a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down." Flappin' your wings to the beat and squawking along -- wrraawk - there's nothing like it for feelin' good when you're learning.

Joanie: Wrrraiight! Playing the songs, even little kids hear the abc's and 123's and that's good for pre-literacy. As the Bobbettes sang in their song, Mr. Lee:

One, two, three
Look at Mr. Lee
Three, four, five
Look at him jive

Alice: Awk! The Jackson 5 immortalized this theory in 1970:

Abc, easy as 123
Or simple as do, re, mi
Abc, 123, baby, you and me, girl.


Alice & Joanie B: Graaake! it's simple to find these songs at the SCCLD libraries, in audio CDs and on-line at Freegal (SCCLD emusic source) where songs like Bill Haley's ABC Boogie or the Bobbettes' Mr. Lee are *free* to SCCLD library card holders!

CDs - Golden Oldies -- Listen and Learn
The Ultimate Oldies but Goodies Collection
The Ultimate Oldies but Goodies Collection



You can find the Bobbettes', "Mr. Lee" on this CD