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Run Chickens Run: Exercise @ the Library

Alice and Joanie B. try to get to the gym, but after working all day (or the evening shift) at the Milpitas Library - the gym is the last thing they think fact...

exercising chicken






...The last time Joanie B. made it to the gym, her trainer had NO MERCY -- as you can tell by this photo Alice took (while faking a stretch) from her yoga mat.


Needless to squawk about -- this is not a nightmare they wish to revisit...



BUT - how to keep their girlish-chicken-figures while working at the library???


Ever the top-knotch research library-hen - Alice found an advertisement for a great video on YOUTUBE -- The Betty Glover Library Workout - check it out:


Alice: BAWK! Only problem - The Betty Glover Library Workout is from 1987 on VHS!

Joanie B:  Wrrawwk! Looks like a good workout - if you can time travel to 1987 - or even 2007 when maybe there were still a few VHS machines around...

Alice: Chook, chook, chook! We should try a library ebook for exercise:

Exercise eBooks at SCCLD
7 Weeks to 300 Sit-ups
7 Weeks to 300 Sit-ups
Warrior Cardio
Warrior Cardio


Joanie B: Wrawk about a Playaway for exercise??

Playaway for Checkout at SCCLD
Happy Healthy Monsters and More
Happy Healthy Monsters and More


Alice: Since we have a DVD player, we could exercise in the comfort of our coop - how about these - ??

DVDs for Exercise like these are at SCCLD
Ageless with Kathy Smith
Ageless with Kathy Smith

Banish Fat Boost Metabolism

Banish Fat Boost Metabolism


Joanie B:  Chook, chook, chook!  There are always good BOOKs for exercise ideas -

Exercise in a BOOK
The Men's Health Big Book
The Men's Health Big Book


Notes from Laurenjoan:

There's no denyin' - or lyin' - we need to exercise in order to live a happy, healthy life.  You can try a gym - or you can try the library - SCCLD has a vast collection of books, DVDs, ebooks, and more for your exercising pleasure.


Chicken exercising photo source:  Sacha Goldberg - the photo is really of Sacha's grandmother and her chicken named Bob.

Super Mamika


Mamika and Bob


**Interested in reading more Alice & Joanie B. adventures?? Well then,