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Alice and Joanie B -- of Weddings and Chickens


wedding cake


Alice and Joanie B. had the after-the-wedding-bells blues --

-- one spectacular, magical event was over.....


oh the cake....layers of chocolate, tiramasu, and lovely light vanilla.

Alice likes chocolate, but Joanie likes everything - so she had three pieces!



The music and the dancing were spot-on, tripping-the-light fantastic!

chicken dancing

The champagne and flowers were yummy!

chickens drinkingchickens eating flowers

The Groom was enraptured -

chicken groom



       The Bride was stunning in pearls!

chicken bride









Alice: Brawwwk! How will we ever recover from such a fabulous wedding?

Joanie B: It won't be easy - or so say my feet...awwk!

Alice: Maybe some good stories will help.

Joanie B: Grawwk! Stories ALWAYS help!  Here are some stories that are good for after- the-wedding-bells blues -

Wedding Bells Forever in Stories
Angelina and the Royal Wedding
Angelina and the Royal Wedding
Flower Girl
Flower Girl
Here Comes the Bride
Here Comes the Bride
Sister of the Bride
Sister of the Bride


Notes from Laurenjoan - On Becoming a MOTHER-IN-LAW

Who would have thought I'd ever be a mother-in-law! But my son, Zachary, went ahead and made me one by getting married on April 20, 2013! 

The groom


Alice and Joanie B. by Laurenjoan - a blog about Chicken Fashion Nation


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