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Where Chickens and Children Sleep

Coop sweet coop


Alice and Joanie B. were feeling thankful in the New Year, especially as they watched Laurenjoan clean-up their coop.  She was covered in mud, poop, straw, and her shoes were all wet.

Joanie B: Thank grawkness.

Alice: Braawk! Yes, a nice clean coop to sleep in tonight and a warm nest to lay our eggs.

Joanie B: And good chicken scratch to eat - or blueberries or animal crackers...

Alice:  It's good to be an American Chicken. 

Joanie B: Hmmmm...I wonder where chickens sleep in other


Chickens in a Spanish village


South Africa

Chicken House in South Africa

South African Chicken



Sengel chicken house



Malawi chicken house

Chickens in Malawi

...or even...


Irish thatched chicken house



Irish Chicken


Alice: Coo-coo-coops and chickens are as different as one country is from another...some have to scrabble and some get to scratch...

Joanie B: Just like where children sleep in places like....(from James Mollison's book and website.)

New York



Alice: Crawkkk! Children and where they sleep, makes me think of a book at the Milpitas Library, its called -