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Holy Moly! Hunger Games Goes Chicken Fashion!

 Alice and Joanie B. were lounging around (after work) one night when what should catch their chicken fashion nation....but...

Alice and Joanie B. lounging

Hunger Games in Chicken Fashion -- on the COVER of  W magazine!!



OMGoodness!!  The girls were beside themselves!

Alice: I just can't believe it - tell me it is really true!

Alice the chicken

Jennifer Lawrence, the STAR of Hunger Games, the Katniss--(of Katiss of Everdeen) was elegantly attired in Chicken Feathers!!


Joanie B:  Well as I LIVE and BREATH!  My favorite  post-apocalyptic book (series) of all times now speaks CHICKEN FASHION NATION!!!

 Joanie B. the chicken


Alice:  Finally our day has come - Library Chickens everywhere will declare Hunger Games the book to read for a Chicken Fashion Nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all who love chickens, libraries and good post-apocalyptic books !!  Wooowraaawwwk!


The Hunger Games The Hunger Games


Notes from Laurenjoan:

You can read the Hunger Games books for yourself and you can see the photos of Jennifer Lawrence all chickened, I mean, dolled-up at the W Magazine website for the October 2012 issue.


P.S. - Yeah! - SCCLD has a total of 117 copies of Hunger Games, the movie - system-wide!

P.P.S. - Yikes! There is a bit of a waiting list (680+)....

P.P.S. - If you want to see Hunger Games - the movie - just click here: The Hunger Games The Hunger Games and you can add your name to the hold list. Or if you want to try the Blu-ray, click here:   The Hunger Games

P.P.P.S. - OR - Hooray! - every library has a BEST Seller Collection of movies (and books) available for checkout (no holds allowed) and you might just get lucky by simply walking into the library and finding a copy of Hunger Games on the shelf!


The Hunger Games