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The BAWK Apple - Chicks of Fashion Blogging

Shoes in New YorkPhoto of chicken legs

You say poootatoe

I say potaaatoe!





My sugar is so refined
She's one o' them high-class kind
She doesn't wear a hat, she wears a chapeau
She goes to see a cinema, but never a show...

Photo of a chicken

Alice:  Here a chick, there a chick, everywhere a chick, chick.  Old New York has some chicks - Iman, Iman, OOOOO!

Photo of two fashionably dressed young women seated and talking

 Chook, Chook! A Chicken Fashion dream come true to see Iman at the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference in Soho.






Joanie B: Bawk! What about the business of (fashion) blogging?

Alice: I scratched some notes down - like -

"The future of fashion is blogging."

"Brands want bloggers to bring their products alive - the personal/emotional touch"

"Readers want fun and they want meaningful."

"Make yourself a celebrity in your own locality...

Joanie B: Wraaawk - I'm a celebrity in my own mind at the Milpitas Library!

Alice: Yawwk! Become your own brand without being obnoxious... 

My sugar is so refined
She's got a real high-class mind...

And you should see how She holds a cup of tea
With just two fingers while She sticks out three...

My sugar is so refined
She's one o' them high-class kind*

*MY SUGAR IS SO REFINED  by Sidney Lippman / Sylvia Dee

Notes from Laurenjoan:

Blogging is big business - in fashion, in politics, in writing, in art, in food, in libraries...any where you look these days. . .

From educator and blogger Tom Whitby  -- What’s the big deal about Blogging? -- "There were two words that as an educator I come in contact with almost every day. Two words that have changed the way information is exchanged...the two words are “Blog” and “Post”. Sometimes they appear as one, “Blogpost”.

So - for the business of blogging - you've got some great resources at hand from Santa Clara County Library - try these out for size:

Creative Blogging Creative Blogging

Blogging for Bliss Blogging for Bliss

Food Blogging for Dummies Food Blogging for Dummies

 The Digital Mom Handbook The Digital Mom Handbook

Creating Content Creating Content

Effective Blogging for Libraries Effective Blogging for Libraries