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Great News: Faster Wi-Fi @ Our Libraries!

Have you noticed? 

The wi-fi networks at all SCCLD libraries
have been upgraded!

According to Information Systems Manager,
Sanjeev Singla, recent upgrades to our wi-fi
networks have resulted in the following
benefits for users

  • The networks are faster.
  • There is more expansive coverage at each library. 
  • The number of access points has doubled.
  • The networks' bandwith has doubled.
  • E-devices are more compatible with the networks.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are now allowed.
  • There is a user-friendly splash screen that is easier to use with the
    latest tablets and e-readers.
  • Video phone service for the deaf can be used on the Library District's 
    wi-fi networks.

The wi-fi networks are FREE for all users, and no library card is required.

Fire up your device, and try it out during your next library visit.


thats good news

what is wfi speeds what is kbs