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Teens from Cupertino library District 2 wins the Catching Fire event

Fifty teens competed in this year's 75th Hunger Games: Catching Fire teen event held at the Cupertino Library. Though only one tribute can win the Hunger Games, the Cupertino Library changed the rules so everyone apart of the District with the most points could win. This year, Cupertino’s odds were in favor of the tributes from District 2! They have overcome great challenges, used teamwork, and ultimately won some prizes generously donated by the Friends of Cupertino Library. To remind everyone what kinds of games we had last week, District 2 members gathered supplies, dodged the nerf gun bullets, went through the bow and arrow tournament, survived carpet walking, scored the most points in trivia questions, showcased their talents in the American Idol styled costume contest, and died dramatically with our Nightlock. Our judges were brutal, but the Games proved that anything goes, and rules could be changed at any moment… reminding everyone that sometimes life is not fair.

But District 2 weren’t the only ones who left feeling like a winner. We also raffled off Ender’s Game books and Catching Fire posters. Here’s pictures of some of the food we had, and other photos from the event…

Earthly grubs:

Teen Advisory Board members setting up the Games with food:

Waving to the tributes and cameras:

Our brutal judges who criticized, mocked and awarded points to deserving tributes.

Thank you again to all our participants who made it out, and special thanks to the Friends of the Cupertino Library for their support. See you all at the next teen event!

Don't forget to get the Ender's Game and Catching Fire books & soundtrack:

Catching Fire Catching Fire

The Hunger Games, Catching Fire The Hunger Games, Catching Fire soundtrack

Catching Fire: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion Catching Fire: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion

Ender's Game Ender's Game

Ender's Game Ender's Game soundtrack

posted by ~Gina heart