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Teen Book of the Month


The Infects The Infects By Sean Beaudoin
Grades: 10+
346 pages

Seventeen-year-old, slacker Nick “Nero” Sole leads a pretty lame life. He is a less than average student; his only home life consists of a mute sister and a paranoid, hippie father (AKA “The Dude”); and, even worse yet, he constantly smells like raw chicken from his part-time butchering job at the Rebozzo Processing Plant.

But Nick’s life quickly jumps from Bad to Totally Gnarley! after a botched poultry predicament ends with him being sentenced to the Upward Bound motivational camp for juvenile delinquents. While en route to the camp, Nick is shoved face-first into the maw of undead camp counselors, headless hunters and zombie cheerleaders who want nothing more than to pick his brain (literally!) and chew the fat (that is, his fat!) for a while.

Spurred on by the voice in his head (WWF’s “The Rock”), Nick leads a group of teenage reprobates through the California wilderness where they must fight for their lives against a rapidly growing population of zombies. Filled with more horror and hilarity than a clown caught in a meat processor, this is one book you definitely don’t want to miss!