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California Native Plant Society:Gardening, Cooking and Healing with Native Plants



“Ever eat a pine tree? Many parts are edible.”

The late Euell Gibbons, author of Stalking the Wild Asparagus, became famous for that question on television in the 1970’s.  When we welcome Alicia Funk to Cupertino Community Hall on April 24th for our CNPS program on Gardening, Cooking and Healing with California Native Plants, she won’t be breaking down any pine trees, but the focus of the program will be about how to identify and safely use beneficial native plants. The program starts at 7:00 pm.

Ms. Funk is a proponent of teaching sustainability and love of the land by encouraging people to  landscape their gardens, prepare delicious meals and  produce medicines for minor ailments  using regional native plants. She is the author of  Living Wild, Herbal Medicine, The Botanical Safety Handbook, and three others.  She is an herbalist who began learning about plant based medicines from an indigenous woman in the Ecuadorian Rainforest in 1990.  You can learn more about Ms. Funk and her Living Wild Project at the Living Wild webpage.