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Sexual Intimacy & Baby Boomers

PlaneTree Health Information Center @ the Cupertino Library

Each time we create a new issue of the PlaneTree Health Information Center newsletter, we're always curious to discover which topics will interest readers most. The most popular links are often ones in "News You Can Use," a recurring column highlighting news articles of practical value.

The 2 run-away favorites in our January 2013 PlaneTalk link to recent articles in the New York Times. The 2-part series answered questions baby boomers often have about changes in sex and intimacy that can occur as women approach and pass beyond menopause.

After reading the articles, you may have additional questions. Here are 2 books that may be helpful:

Healing Painful Sex Healing Painful Sex : A Woman's Guide to Confronting, Diagnosing, and Treating Sexual Pain was written for women of all ages by a doctor, Deborah Coady, and an MSW working as a therapist, Nancy Fish. Opening with an acknowledgment that talking about such private issues and finding a good doctor is difficult, the authors suggest ways to overcome these hurdles. The largest section of the book describes the symptoms, causes, and treatments for many types of sexual pain. The final section addresses healing emotions and relationships after pain has been resolved. The book closes with a great resource list.

One of America's most well-known gynecologists, Christiane Northrup, has written a terrific guide for women going through the myriad changes that can occur during the "change of life." The Wisdom of Menopause The Wisdom of Menopause: Creating Physical and Emotional Health During the Change has a substantial chapter on menopausal symptoms that impact intimacy, with various treatment options and coping strategies presented. Northrup also very readably covers a lot of other ground - pelvic, breast, and bone health; changing relationships, emotions, and cognition; and more - so this would be a great choice if you are coping with menopause-related changes.

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