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Photos and Beyond

PhotocraftMost photographers wind up with lots and lots of photographs.  There's a limit to photo albums and to photos on the wall, but in Photocraft, authors Caroline Herter, Laurie Frankel and Laura Lovett have come up with "cool things to do with the photos you love".  They have ways to use photos in lots of unexpected places from a tissue box to a shower curtain.  Instructions are clear, and the results are attractive.



In Photo Craft Photo Craft, authors Susan Tuttle and Christy Hydeck take a completely different approach.  They have lots of advice on manipulating the photographs digitally.  Once you've created the photo you want, there is even more information on using mixed media--from beeswax to woodburning--to alter the photo in various ways.  




Pro Secrets to Dramatic Digital PhotosIf these two books make you want to go out to take new photos, rather than using the ones you have on hand, check out Pro Secrets to Dramatic Digital Photos, by Jim Zuckerman.    While he covers some technical information, his focus is on helping you train your eye so that you can take dramatic photographs.  The book is profusely illustrated with his photographs, accompanied by text that explains what he did, and why, and how.  



Makes me want to grab my camera and head out!  Happy shooting!