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Fanime: Cat Ears Craft/Movie Night


FanimeCon is Northern California's biggest anime convention and it's happening May 24-27, 2013. To help anime fans get ready, Campbell Library is holding a cat ears craft & anime movie night on Wednesday, May 15th from 4-6pm. If you're in grades 7 to12, drop in to make cat ears or just to watch the movie.

Want to know how we'll be making cat ears? This is how we're going to do it in five easy steps:


Step One: Gather your materials (provided by the library).

  • felt
  • scissors
  • glue gun, sewing kit, or thick glue
  • headband
  • optional: anime to keep you inspired!



Step Two: Cut out the ears.

Cats don't have hexagon-shaped ears but until we fold them over they'll look like this. You can use different shapes or colors for fox ears, bunny ears, etc.



Step Three: Cut out pink triangles.



Step Four: Glue the pink triangles.


Step Five: Fold over the ears with the pink triangles in front and glue them onto your headband.

(The reason there are headphones in the photo above is because I had some on my desk and impulsively thought "Yes, I DO want cat ears headphones!" but the library will only have headbands available. Feel free to bring your own headphones.)


Ta-dah: Nekomimi mode activated! Teen anime fans: See you at Campbell LIbrary on Wednesday, May 15th from 4-6pm to make cat ears or just to watch some classic anime.


(Photographer credit: first photo by Dark Scythe)