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Help! The Magic Wall Has Disappeared!


eBooks are becoming more and more popular.   You can download free eBooks from Overdrive and also Axis360 which has full color eBooks.  Let’s say you’ve successfully checked out and downloaded eBooks from Overdrive, and you want to try Axis360.  You’ve downloaded the Blio app and when you open it, wait a minute, what happened to the Magic Wall?

There is one major difference in how you check-out eBooks from Overdrive and Axis360 on devices with an internet connection. 

  • For Overdrive, you download the app on your device, open it and browse or search, check-out your eBooks and download them. 
  • For Axis360, you have to check out the books from the website before using your app.  From our homepage click Browse, then eBooks, then Axis360, and there you will find the Magic Wall.  After you check out the eBook you want, you can open the Blio app on your device and download it.  Need more help?   Visit our eBook Help page or contact us.