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Language Learning: My experience using Mango Languages Online

image of mango language database

As a librarian, I receive a variety of reference questions every day. People have all kinds of information needs.  One frequently asked question is, "Where are the language learning materials?"

Our library has a rich collection of resources in various formats, including books, audio CDs, DVDs, and more.   The call number (location) of language learning materials goes from 433 to 495.   In addition, the library subscribes to electronic (online) language learning resources for adults and children.  These resources are called Mango and Muzzy.  When you use your library card number and PIN to log into these resources through the library website, you will find numerous language options and learner levels.

I am interested in gaining basic conversation skills for multiple languages.   This will allow me to better communicate with library users who speak those languages.  I am currently using Manago to learn Japanese during my spare time.  I am finding it quite helpful.  Prior to my career as a librarian, I was a language teacher for many years.   From the perspectives of both a learner and a teacher, I highly recommend Mango as a starting tool for adult learners studying English conversation. 

Do you know why the company named its language learning product, "Mango"?   Out of curiosity, I looked into this and found a telling description on their website, “DELICIOUSLY SIMPLE LANGUAGE LEARNING, MANGO IS FUN AND EASY TO USE.”   

Based on my experience, I think Mango has a well-organized curriculum.   Each lesson is composed of several modules and focuses on different topics.  Sentences are divided into phrases and words, marked with English scripts and accompanied by interactive audio.  The self-paced learning feature is wonderful!  I get to control how fast or slow I want to proceed.   In addition, I can start the program from where I left, and I can track my progress.   Since Mango is designed to meet the needs of busy adult learners, each learning module is short and manageable, taking about 15-20 minutes to complete.  New vocabulary words that are introduced are repeated so that the learner goes over pronunciation and context. 

So far, I have learned basic greetings in Japanese.  For example: ohayou gozaimasu is  good morning, konnichiwa is good afternoon, konbanwa is good evening, sayounara is goodbye, and more.  Learning Japanese gives me a great sense of achievement.

I highly recommend this language learning database to you.  Next time you plan a trip to a foreign country, try Mango.  It is fun and easy!