Our New Bookmobile Has Arrived!

Picture of New Bookmobile
Our new Bookmobile was delivered on October 15th by Meridian Specialty Vehicles.  This smaller vehicle will replace our 20-year-old Thomas Bookmobile in delivering service to areas with steep, windy roads -- like Mt. Hamilton and the Santa Cruz Mountains --  and is the perfect size to take to promotional and outreach events.

It has a variety of new features which will help us provide better service and be more cost efficient.  It has three solar panels on the roof which generate enough power to run the lights and computers, eliminating the need to use the generator at each stop.  It also has a fan on the roof and skylights which will also help with light and cooling.  Two entrances are available:  one with a set of stairs and one with a wheelchair/walker lift to assist our physically disabled users.

Our new Bookmobile will be available for public viewing at each County Library during the months of November and December.  A schedule will be available soon.  Please stop and see our new "baby."