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Read with Me Kits

read-with-me-kit.jpgShare the joy of reading together and get your child ready to read!

Each kit is created around a single theme, such as Colors, Dinosaurs, or Bedtime and includes:

  • Books 
  • CD or DVD
  • Puppet
  • Activity suggestions

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  • The person who checks out the Book Bag is financially responsible for returning all  the pieces.
  • Kit is checked out for 3 weeks. You can renew these items twice as long as there are no other requests.
  • Please check contents of Book Bags against the label tag provided before you return the Book Bag to the library.
  • Replacement costs for missing pieces are as follows:
    • entire Kit: $100
    • book: $10 each
    • puppet: $10 
    • Rhymes and songs cards: $10
    • Once paid, the cost of a missing book or folder is non-refundable.
  • Book Bags must be returned to the circulation desk inside the library.