Books for High School Dudes - They make great holiday gifts too!

Posted on Tuesday, November 27, 2012 by Cupertino_Library


Looking for a book that won’t put your teenage guy to sleep before page 5?

Well, you are in luck. Here are 3 title suggestions that won't let your guy down:

The Infects The Infects

Ages 14- up. Mix a variety of the all-time great horror movies with a healthy dose of Adam Sandler humor and you have the makiing for a laugh-out-loud, zombie thriller! Get ready to've been warned!

Carter's Unfocused, One-track Mind Carter's Unfocused, One-track Mind

Ages 14 - up. Carter is back for a third installment of high school parties, hormones, and hilarity. Follow our lead character as he navigates through his Sophomore year and along the way encounters drama geeks, bloodthirsty bullies looking for revenge, and the threat of losing his dream girl to a different school. A book teen guys can relate to that is sure not to disappoint.

Call the Shots Call the Shots

How do you become a multi-millionaire by the time you reach 15? Make a super disgusting, cheap horror movie, of course! Coop will do anything to attract the attention of girls, and with the help of his friends, Sean and Matt, he sets out to do the impossible(and the revolting). But while Coop's eyes are filled with stacks of cash and starlets’ attention, his friends have a quite different outlook on his big dream. Find out whether the boys make or break it in Don Calame's hilarious adventure into the mind of a teenage guy




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