Remembering Marian McPartland


  Remembering Marian McPartland

   March 20th 1913 - August 20th 2013




I will miss Marian McPartland. When I worked nights, I looked forward to sharing my drive with Marian while listening to her program Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz, which was played on our local jazz radio station KCSM.


Her program introduced and re-introduced her listeners to jazz greats, and to some artists not necessarily associated with jazz, such as Frank Zappa. She would talk so rapturously with her guests, each exchanging stories about their love of music and then, playing for one another and with one another. She was generous, delightful, and very talented.


Born in Windsor England, Marian was already picking out tunes on the family piano by the age of 3.  She eventually left school to join a four piano vaudeville act. Her mother warned her that no good would come of this venture, that she would end up married to a jazz musician living in an attic. Her mother was right, Marian married the American cornetist, Jimmy McPartland, moved to America and with her husband's encouragement she joined a jazz trio.

Allow me to introduce to you, or re-acquaint you to Marian McPartland through these items available through our library district.

Marian McPartland's Jazz World


Marian McPartland's Jazz World : All In Good Time

85 Candles


85 Candles : Live In New York - Marian McPartland and Friends

Shall We Play That One Together?


Shall We Play That One Together? The Life and Art of Jazz Piano Legend Marian McPartland

by Paul De Barros


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I will miss her too!

Thanks for this great post. I somehow missed the news of her passing.

An amazing musician and a wonderful woman!

Thanks for this post. Marian McPartland - what a gift to us all.


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