Hot Summer Music Playlist

Summertime is here! Now ladies, I know you have your shorts, summer dresses, or cool tops ready for the hot weather. Fellas you have your shorts and cool shades, right? Now all you need is summer music to go along with your destination- to the park, concert, or maybe you are travelling to an exotic place.

If you are looking to build up your summer's music playlist, I have compiled what is hot to get you started. First, I will start with a song which Rolling Stone magazine said, "...sounded like the club anthem of summer."

Random Access Memories

Random Access Memories Random Access Memories The 2013 single in time for summer is "Get Lucky" and it is definitely a feel good song. It has soul, funk and electronic music all wrapped up in one great song... I love when an anticipated album drops. Sometimes I have to wait a long time for my request to come in, and I end up being number 10,000 in the request line. If you are like me, and just have to have your song as soon as it comes out, then you can use Freegal. For instance, I was able to search for Daft Punk 's newest album Random Access Memories, and I downloaded three songs ("Get Lucky", "Doin' it Right", and "Touch") that I get to keep FOREVER. It is pretty dope how it automatically starts playing on my iTunes. You can try it for yourself here at Freegal.

This next album is nice because it has tons of summer classics all in one album...

It's Like That! This album has lots of classic summer songs such as: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince "Summertime",  Young MC "Bust A Move", The Beastie Boys "(You gotta) fight for your right (to party)", and Salt-N-Pepa "Let's Talk About Sex" which is also available at the library with all their hits.


Salt-n-Pepa I love this album because it has three of my favorites: "Push It", "Shoop" and the summer hit, "Whatta Man (with En Vogue)".

The Best of Kool & the Gang

The Best of Kool & the Gang This group is all about good vibes and this song is all about feeling mellow. Not only was it sampled in DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince's "Summertime", but it has been used in a Lebron James commercial, a Rocky movie, and by other hip hop artists.


Aaliyah What can be hotter than fire? How about Aaliyah's sultry voice as she sings about how good somebody special makes her feel in "Hot Like Fire" off her One in a Million album. The opening line of the song sets the tone, "Your hotter than summer day, in California/ Ya got me melting like a sundae, and now I want ya..."

Greatest Hits '93-'03 The summer song from 311 that stands out from the rest for me is "Amber" even though there are a lot of other chill songs.

Morning View

Morning View Another alternative rock group who reminds me of 311's laidback style is Incubus. I think the song that the band is most known for is "Wish You Were Here" which lead singer Brandon Boyd said in an interview, "the content is about being happy living for the moment".


Sublime Sublime is a band from sunny Long Beach, California which mixes alternative hip hop, ska punk, and reggae music. "Doin' Time" is one of my favorite summer jams.

The Immaculate Collection Since this album has lots of Madonna's classic pop hits, I would pay special attention to "La Isla Bonita" (The Beautiful Island) for its Cuban drums and upbeat feel.

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Fun music YAY!!!!

I'm totally going to use most of this music for my next BBQ party!!!!!!!