Summertime Adventures with the Okee Dokee Brothers

Okee Dokee Brothers on River trip

The Okee Dokee Brothers went on a river trip down the Mississippi river.

They had lots of adventures and composed a whole bunch of songs that eventually became

Can You Canoe?

Can You Canoe?

The joy of travel, the discovery of new places and the beauty of the landscape all come through the Okee Dokee Brothers' bluegrass and American roots inspired music.  There is a combination of thoughtfulness and buoyancy here that is remarkable and will keep both children and their adults happily humming the songs long after its playing time is over.

In addition to the music there is a great DVD that includes a lot of video footage of their adventures.


There is more good news in that the Okee Dokee brothers are having more musical adventures along the Appalachian Trail

Can You Canoe? won the Grammy Award for Best Children's Album at the 2013 Grammy awards.  You can check out other Grammy winning Children's albums at SCCLD.



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So nice and sweet, and I enjoyed the video.