Color and Light and the Girl With the Pearl Earring

Scarlet Johansen from Girl With a Pearl Earring

The de Young Museum in San Francisco is the first North American venue to present the art exhibit Girl with a Pearl Earring Dutch : Paintings from the Mauritshuis  .  Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring painting has intrigued art lovers for centuries partially because so little is known about the artist himself. 

The film, Girl with A Pearl Earring, based on Tracy Chevalier's novel, fictionalizes the circumstances that lead to the painting's creation.  Scarlett Johanssen plays the title character to Colin Firth's Vermeer. One of the most satisfying aspects of the film is the way it recreates the look of Vermeer's paintings, especially the light and the composition.

When movies first appeared, some people thought of them as the next step of art's evolution combining the visual aspects of painting with aural aspects of music.  Recreating an artist's works cinematically while also recreating their life was a natural for filmmakers and over time there have been several successful efforts.

Lust for Life Lust for Life Kirk Douglas plays the tortured painter in director Vincente Minnelli's acclaimed drama.  Douglas received an Academy Award nomination and Anthony Quinn won an Oscar for playing Gauguin.
Pollock Pollock In an Oscar nominated performa