Healthy Trail: A Fun Fitness Challenge to Explore Santa Clara County Parks



Summer is here!   You might be planning lots of fun activities for yourselves or for the whole family.   Don’t forget to include the county parks on your list.

Santa Clara County has twenty-eight regional parks comprised of about 45,000 acres of land.  There are a variety of ways in which you can enjoy these beautiful parks with trails, lakes, streams and open space.   You can go biking, camping, picnic, boatingfishing, hiking and much more.

In particular, you can sign up for the free Healthy Trails program to start a fun fitness challenge.   You can register as an individual or as a group.  After registration you select five out of the twenty-two Santa Clara County Parks Healthy Trails featured in the Healthy Trails Guidebook to start this enjoyable exploration of natural beauty.  The trails range from one to five miles, and you can walk, bike or run the trails.  

Not only will you get a small gift when you enroll and complete your goal, you will also have the benefit of becoming physically fit and mentally relaxed by exploring these awesome county trails.  

Give it a try and enjoy a healthy summer!