Getting to the Core

Did your dreams of getting a six-pack (the non-alcoholic type) flutter away by boring, run-of-the-mill workouts? Well, if so, all is not lost. Your dream of developing rock hard stomach muscles is still within your reach, now more than ever.

For years, people have spent long, agonizing periods doing sets of crunches and sit-ups, and all it’s ever resulted in was a sore back. Now, after years of research and examination, health and kinesiology experts are encouraging people to focus on training the body’s “core,” not just the abs. Core training strengthens the abs, arms, chest, back and legs, giving you a full body workout by tightening the muscles that help support the stomach area.

So, stop beating up your back when you don’t have to. Rather, learn to concentrate on your diet and exercising the body’s core muscles. This combination will rev up your body’s metabolism like never before. It will shed fat, an