Who needs a lunch box - try salad in a jar!

We are all on the hunt for delicious, healthy and quick meals to take with us to work or school instead of the classic (but often boring) sandwich or leftovers. Well search no more: try salad in a jar! This handy idea is becoming more and more popular, and is an easy way to prepare tasty and nutritious meals for the whole week. The internet is abundant with ideas, tips and instructions on creating these healthy treats, but for some really good advice check out this video that will you show you how to get started!

Not sure what type of salad to try out? Take a look at one of the many books the Santa Clara County Library District carries that focus entirely on salads to give yourself some ideas! Reserve your copy of one of these titles and get started on the road to improving your lunch today!

Salad of the Day

Salad of the Day (2012)
by Georgeann Brennan

Published by Williams-Sonoma, this beautifully photographed book features 365 recipes for delicious salads: one for each day of the year!

Salad as A Meal

Salad as A Meal (2011)
by Patricia Wells

Full of hundreds of seasonal recipes, this book will show you how to make your salad hearty and filling without amping up the calories or fat.

Mixt Salads

Mixt Salads (2010)
by Andrew Swallow

Written by the co-founder and executive chef of Mixt Greens restaurant in San Francisco, this book focuses on using seasonal, locally grown ingredients to create original and delicious salads!

Simply Salads

Simply Salads (2007)
by Jennifer Chandler

With over 100 delicious salad recipes, this book is sure to have something for everyone (especially those who like things to be super simple!) but using bagged, pre-washed lettuce mix as a base.

(Salad-in-a-Jar image courtesy of http://www.liveinthenow.com )