Health Books for YOU... Let's Get it Started!!!

With the rising cost of health care, it is more important than ever to become self-aware of your body, health, and mind. The library has extensive resources to help you keep track of your health and promote your own wellness. Here are my top five picks for guides and workbooks to help you take control of your health. Just click on the link to request a copy.

Kaiser Permanente Healthwise Handbook You--the Owner's Manual You--the Owner's Manual

With down to earth explanations and hilarious illustrations, this popular series explains the inner workings of your body and the ways you can help keep your body functioning properly. Learn the risk factors for osteoarthritis, separate the facts from fiction surrounding heart health, and learn how to care for your eyes and ears. It also comes with an action plan of recipes and exercises to keep your body in top shape.

Kaiser Permanente Healthwise Handbook

This comprehensive, yet lightweight, tool will help you check your symptoms, self-diagnose your health concerns, and determine whether you need to seek help from your doctor. The book also comes with a helpful checklist of questions regarding symptoms, medical history, and overall health. Photocopy and fill out this form before your appointments to ensure that you are prepared for a discussion with your doctor

A Healthier You A Healthier You

Diets and fads change constantly and it’s difficult to tell who to trust for nutrition advice. This handbook was created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in order to dispel all of the myths and misinformation. The first chapters spell out the U.S. Dietary Guidelines in simple, straightforward terms and helps you determine serving sizes for each food group. The rest of the book is dedicated to recipes and worksheets to help you meet these dietary guidelines.

American Medical Association Complete Guide to Prevention and Wellness American Medical Association Complete Guide to Prevention and Wellness
If certain diseases or conditions run in your family, it is important to learn what steps you can take to prevent them. The AMA created this book for the express purpose of helping patients combat their family history and maintain their wellness. Here, you will find listings for conditions ranging from heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and dementia to less serious conditions such as allergies and heartburn.

Wellness Workbook Wellness Workbook

This is a fun and information packed book that opens with a lengthy quiz about your health, habits, and diet. After taking the quiz you will be given a score for various health concerns and wellness goals. These scores will guide you through the rest of the book and lead you to specific chapters that might help you break bad habits, create good habits and learn ways to improve your overall wellness.