Even YOU Can Be Healthy and Fit

If you thought that that diet and exercise was simply too difficult for your lifestyle and that you couldn’t possibly find a program that would hold your interest, think again. SCCLD has tons of health and fitness books to fit any lifestyle and personality. Check out a few of our picks here.

The Healthy Guide to Unhealthy Living The Healthy Guide to Unhealthy Living

For those of you who are not quite ready to give up your caffeine addiction, skip that night out at the bar or completely eliminate meat or carbs from your diet, this is the diet book for you. Actually, it isn’t really a diet book per se, more of a guide for transforming your bad habits so that they aren’t quite as dangerous to your health. David J. Clayton provides realistic and simple tactics that can help you lessen your bad habits rather than trying (and potentially failing) to cut them off cold turkey. With these simple strategies it won’t be long until you truly can skip that cup of coffee. One step at a time.

Fitness for Geeks Fitness for Geeks

Geeks in pop-culture are usually portrayed as pale weaklings who flee from the thought of exercise. This book seeks to put an end to that stereotype by embracing the inner geek in all of us, and making use of the gifts geeks provide. An in-depth look at the ways our modern lifestyles and diets affect our bodies might provide the extra push needed to finally step away from the computer screen, and the amazing apps and tech tools listed here can provide the fitness newb a useful means of establishing and tracking healthy habits.

Fitness Unleashed! Fitness Unleashed!

Need help finding the motivation to start exercising? Just look into the droopy eyes of the furry friend waiting patiently at the foot of your bed, silently pleading with you to just come outside and play! The sad truth of the matter is that most dog owners today simply don’t provide their pups with the right amount of exercise, and our dogs are becoming just as inactive as we are. One walk around the block usually isn’t enough; dogs need exercise that will keep them physically and mentally stimulated. This book provides tons of fun and easy exercises for dog owners that are beneficial for man and his best friend.

Chubster Chubster

This is the ultimate health and fitness guide for all you hipsters who simply can’t be seen at the gym or caught following the latest diet trend. Martin Cizmar provides tons of tips for getting fit without looking like you’re trying to fit in. His nutrition advice also allows for a hipster’s diet: lots of vegan, earth-friendly, and exotic foods that are healthy, cheap and tasty. As a fun bonus, there is even a section to pinpoint exactly what kind of hipster you are (Artsy Fashionista, Nerdy Bookworm,