Cheese, Please!

Nothing gets eaten at a party more quickly than the cheese plate. Cheese seems to be something that most people enjoy, and a cheese plate is easy to prepare. Unfortunately, “fancy” cheese can get expensive, with small wedges running upwards of $15-$20. For those of us without oodles of money, the prospect of spending $50 on an appetizer can be a little daunting. Luckily, there are ways to compose your own plates with cheeses from the regular supermarket that are inexpensive and delicious, and will fool your friends and family into thinking you went to a fancy cheese shop! Check out the picture below courtesy of Buzzfeed:

Use this handy guide, along with one of the many books in our catalog dedicated to cheese, to delight the guests at your next party! 


Cheese (2005)
by Max McCalman

Cheese profiles about 200 of the world’s best cheeses—and only the best—complete with all the practical information you could need and all the fascinating details you could want.

Great Balls of Cheese

Great Balls of Cheese (2013)
by Michelle Buffardi

The first cookbook to bring cheese balls back into style -- with contemporary flavor combinations and adorable designs too .

World Cheese Book

World Cheese Book (2009)

This book is about cheese in all its many glorious varieties. What it looks like, what it tastes like, where it comes from, what you should do with it and why, how to choose a cheese you'll like and how best to enjoy it. It gives you an in-depth understanding of the world of cheese - the science, the smells, the succulence. 


Cheese for Dummies

Cheese for Dummies (2012)
by Laurel Miller

The accessible guide to selecting, cooking with, and making cheese! This handy primer includes information on pairing cheese with wine, creating an impressive cheese plate with the right accompaniments, and the best serving and storage methods for your favorite cheeses.

The Guide to West Coast Cheese

The Guide to West Coast Cheese (2010)
by Sasha Davies

Rich with information, this accessible guide examines the key factors that influence the distinctive character of every cheese, and includes beverage pairing ideas, serving suggestions, and fascinating features on cheesemaking and individual producers.



Hooray for cheese!

I love cheese -thanks for this post! Check out The "Telling Room: a story of love, betrayal, revenge, and the world's greatest piece of cheese" by Michael Paterniti. Came out this year - quite a story.