Remembering Judy Rodgers

Chef Judy Rodgers

Chef Judy Rodgers, one of the chefs who made the Bay Area a culinary landmark, passed away on December 2, 2013.

When Judy Rodgers took over the Zuni Cafe she transformed the southwestern style eatery into a showcase for the simple elegant food that characterizes California Cuisine.  


While Rodgers was clearly influenced by her work at Chez Panisse with the legendary Alice Waters, she developed into a formidable chef in her own right.  She won the James Beard Award for Outstanding Chef in California and then later as the Outstanding Chef in the nation.  Along the way to those honors, Zuni Cafe won the award as Outstanding Restaurant.

In addition to her talents as a chef, Judy Rodgers was also an excellent cookbook writer.  You can enjoy her clear writing, philosophy of food and delicious recipes in the classic James Beard Award winning  The Zuni Cafe Cookbook.


 The Zuni Cafe Cookbook


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