Dive Into Healthy Dip This Summer!

Who doesn’t love going to a summer barbecue and deciding which delicious dip to try first? From bean dip to cheese dip to salsas to hummus, these tempting treats are hard to stop eating once you’ve started! Unfortunately, many dips, especially those that are premade and purchased from a store, are loaded with calories, fat, sodium and preservatives, making them far from a healthy snack. It’s easy to eat an entire meal’s worth of calories (or more!) by indulging in dips.

So how do you enjoy all the mouth-watering dips out there without going overboard? Check out some of our cookbooks dedicated to dips and salsas so you know exactly what you’re eating! Making your own dip at home is also a great way to save money, too! Happy dipping!

Skinny Dips

Skinny Dips (2010)
by Diane Morgan

We all love dips we just hate what they do to our hips. That's why snack lovers everywhere will be drooling over the scrumptious spreads in this collection of low-calorie, low-fat party dips. Featuring healthful, guilt-free twists on all the fun, flavorful classics from dips and spreads to tapenades and salsas these festive treats are all about healthy indulgences that are heavy on rich, robust flavors.

Delicious Dips

Delicious Dips (2004)
by Diane Morgan

Diane Morgan -- the diva of dips and champion of chips -- has created more than 50 recipes for everyone's dipping and dunking party favorites.

Salsas That Cook

Salsas That Cook (1998)
by Rick Bayless

Salsas embody the essence of Mexican flavor: the lusciousness of slow-roasted tomatoes, the full-flavored spice of chiles, the fragrance of cilantro and the mellow sweetness of garlic. Rick Bayless, the country's leading progenitor of real Mexican cooking, writes the six salsa recipes with such detail and personality that even beginning cooks will turn out masterful creations.

The Book of Dips and Salsas

The Book of Dips and Salsas (2000)
by Elizabeth Wolf-Cohen

From the simple to the sophisticated, this comprehensive recipe collection offers an international selection of dips, salsas, relishes and other savory condiments for all occasions. The recipes range from simple snacks requiring minimum preparation, to more extravagant combinations for special events. The introduction features imaginative ideas for when and how to serve dips and salsa