Cooking Vegetables, Chez Panisse Style

Chez Panisse VegetablesA friend purchased this book for me several years back as a birthday present. And I have to admit, at first blush, it seemed a bit under whelming. Chez Panisse Vegetables doesn't have the usual smattering of bright, eye-popping photos of mouthwatering dishes. Instead, the illustrations are simple, few, and understated.  

But don't be fooled by this book's Spartan visual style, there is a ton of valuable information in here.  Each chapter focuses on a particular vegetable, citing its seasonal availability and proper look and form.  Waters tells us how to properly select and serve each vegetable and gives us unique recipes in her true Chez Panisse style.  Readers can learn how to make everything from Grilled Radicchio Risotto to Cannellini Beans with Wilted Greens.