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Crafting on The Edge

Posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2013 by LisaLibrarian

The Finer Edge The Finer Edge is a great resource for knitters and sewers as well as crocheters. Kristin Omdahl has page after page of crocheted trims, motifs, and borders, organized by whether they’re crocheted top-down, bottom-up, side-to-side, or some other way. Each page has the directions for the stitch, a large clear photograph of the trim and a line-drawing of the pattern showing how the stitch works. . . . more »

Remembering Ruth Asawa

Posted on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 by mztupelo

Ruth Asawa - Sculptor January 24, 1926 - August 5, 2013 One of California's most admired sculptors has died at the age of 87. Ruth Asawa was an American artist, who was nationally recognized for her wire sculpture, public commissions, and her activism in education and the arts. Born in Norwalk California and living in San Francisco, she was a Bay Area treasure. She was . . . more »

Lace Museum exhibit at the Saratoga Library

Posted on Friday, August 2, 2013 by betscw

The Lace Museum of Sunnyvale presents an exhibit of fine European lace now through September 30 in the Saratoga Library Group Study Room. The museum showcases an extensive selection of lace and lace tools as wll as on-going lace making classes.The museum is located at 552 S. Murphy Avenue in Sunnyvale (408-730-4695). The hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM. . . . more »

Photos and Beyond

Posted on Thursday, May 30, 2013 by LisaLibrarian

Photocraft Most photographers wind up with lots and lots of photographs. There's a limit to photo albums and to photos on the wall, but in Photocraft, authors Caroline Herter, Laurie Frankel and Laura Lovett have come up with "cool things to do with the photos you love". They have ways to use photos in lots of unexpected places from a tissue box to a shower curtain. . . . more »

Literary Knits

Posted on Saturday, May 18, 2013 by LisaLibrarian

Literary Knits There are lots of books where someone is knitting, and knitters wonder just what is being knit, but in Literary Knits, knitters are treated to thirty patterns inspired by favorite books. I'm really taken by the hat on the cover, which is inspired by Daisy in The Great Gatsby, but I may need to knit my granddaughter the Edmund Crown/hat, inspired by The Lion, The . . . more »

Getting Back in the Saddle

Posted on Friday, May 3, 2013 by Arts_and_Crafts

speed knitting I hadn't knitted for more years than I'd like to enumerate here, when a friend invited me to a knitting circle a couple of months ago. This is a fun group of ladies so I decided I would at least attempt to knit again. Before going over to my friend's house, I checked what the library had on shelf that day and I came across . . . more »

Whittle the day away

Posted on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 by LisaLibrarian

Tiny Whittling Whittling is one of those pastimes that seem interesting, but how on earth do you learn to do it? If you don’t have a grandfather who’s able to teach you, look at Tiny Whittling . Steve Tomashek starts with carving a soap ducky, a turnip bear and a carrot bunny since soap and vegetables are a great way to practice when you first start out, . . . more »

Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition

Posted on Friday, April 19, 2013 by Arts_and_Crafts

Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition - Steampunks in Space! The Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition will be held in Santa Clara on April 26, 27, 28th. The theme this year is Steampunks in Space! Need costume inspiration? Like to make gadgets and do-hickeys? Check out this steampunk inspired booklist to help you along in your endeavors. . . . . more »

If you give a crafter a fabric scrap...

Posted on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 by Arts_and_Crafts

Sewing Bits and Pieces I recently had one of those experiences akin to the mouse in the children's book who, upon receiving a cookie, asks for milk, and it goes on and on from there...I bought a blazer at a thrift store that I loved except for the too-short sleeves. One day in the library, I happened upon this book, Sewing Bits & Pieces: 25 Projects Using Fabric Scraps . . . more »

San Jose Fantasy Faire this weekend!

Posted on Friday, April 12, 2013 by Arts_and_Crafts

San Jose Fantasy Faire 2013 The San Jose Fantasy Faire is this weekend April 13 and 14th at the Guadalupe River Park in San Jose. Fairies, ogres, princesses, pirates, and more! If you would like to dress up there are many last minute ways to create a costume! You can browse our library catalog for costumes, makeup or masks. Or there are many resources on the internet to . . . more »