Medieval Inspiration

Medieval churches in Sweden’s Uppland province are richly decorated with frescoes filled with swirling vines, graceful borders, and interesting color combinations.  These inspired Anna-Karin Lundberg to create a series of garments translating this visual richness to knitting, in her book Medieval-inspired Knits Medieval-inspired Knits.


There are sweaters with over-all brocade patterns.  There are swirling vine patterns used in borders and panels.  There are intriguing color combinations (old gold, light and dark turquoise, and black). 

Each of the twenty garments has photographs of the medieval motifs that inspired that particular sweater, and the book is worth looking at just for these pictures and the ways she has made use of the motifs, whether or not you knit.

For knitters:   the garments have minimal shaping, and are knit on small needles (the largest she uses is a 4, and most are on size 2 or 3 needles).   While she gives finished measurements, there are no schematics.   The knitting patterns are only charted and are not written out.