If you give a crafter a fabric scrap...

 Sewing Bits and Pieces    I recently had one of those experiences akin to the mouse in the children's book who, upon receiving a cookie, asks for milk, and it goes on and on from there...I bought a blazer at a thrift store that I loved except for the too-short sleeves.  One day in the library,  I happened upon this book, Sewing Bits & Pieces:  25 Projects Using Fabric Scraps by Sandi Henderson.  And on the cover was the solution to my too-short sleeve problem.   I checked out the book and did a modified version of the sleeve project featured on the cover.  But I couldn't stop there. Now  I wanted a flouncy skirt to go with the blazer.  So I made a simple skirt from the same fabric that I used to "extend" my sleeves.  This is the completed ensemble. 

blazer and skirt I had a lot of fun with this project and intend to return to this book to try some of the other fun ideas.  The market skirt looked festive. The fabric flowers and pillow ideas are also inticing.  For other books on sewing click here and for books about fun with fabrics click here.