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Summer Writing Project - Selected Stories On JukePop.com*

Bookcover: Money Matters

Bookcover: How to Break an Evil Curse

Bookcover: The Black Pearl

Bookcover: Rise: Future Worlds Book One

Bookcover: A Murmur in Mumbles

Bookcover: InnerWorld - The Other World Series

Bookcover: Will Kill for Food

Bookcover: Cargo

Bookcover: The Memory Thieves

Bookcover: Rhea Randall and the Vampire Romance

Bookcover: Anazia

Once Again, I Dreamt of Water


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Summer Writing Project


Completed Books

Bookcover: Wonder Heroes

Bookcover: The Man Who Started theWar That Saved the Universe

Bookcover: Norman Oklahoma and the Bullets That Saved Christmas

Bookcover: Islands of Fire

Bookcover: The Gathering of the Gifts

Bookcover: The House Atop the Hill

Bookcover: Abyssus Abyssum Invocat

Bookcover: Secrets of the Conclave

Bookcover: Transitional Period

Bookcover: 139: In Evening

Bookcover: The Actuator

Bookcover: The Archer's Arrow

Bookcover: E.L.F. - White Leaves

Bookcover: Five Percent

Bookcover: Geistmann

Bookcover: The Laugher

Bookcover: The Prince That Time Forgot

Bookcover: Raphael Redcloak

Bookcover: A Sentry Rising

Bookcover: The Sixth Seal

Bookcover: Traverse, Inc.

Bookcover: Uchronie

Bookcover: Werekynd - Beasts of the Tanglewild

Bookcover: The Woods

Boocover: The Wrong Kind of Human

Bookcover: The Elephants' Graveyard Bookcover: The Fabulist Bookcover: Nerd World Bookcover: Larry the Horrible Time Traveler

Books in Progress

Bookcover: I Feel Fine

Bookcover: Retcontiuum

Bookcover: Money Matters

Bookcover: Dread Lord Bob

Bookcover: Blue Bloods

Bookcover: Blank

Bookcover: Norman Oklahoma and the Zombie Fanboys of Doom

Bookcover: The Graystone Saga

Bookcover: X349

Bookcover: The Cameo Silhouette

Bookcover: The Armored Satchel

Bookcover: Beyond the Gates of Ovrigmark

Bookcover: Black Hearts

Boocover: DC Girl Fight

Bookcover: Pilgrimage of the Damned

Bookcover: Unbreakable