A Million Thanks!

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Show your support for our troops by taking a few minutes to write them letter or to draw them a picture. 

To get started, read the guidelines below, then give your message or drawing to library staff, and we will see to it that your notes of appreciation can be sent to our military—active, reserve, and veterans. Feel free to use the sheet provided by the library to create your letter or drawing.
Some guidelines for saying "Thank you" to our servicepersons:
  • Be creative! Draw pictures, talk about yourself, and let them know their service does not go unnoticed.
  • Keep your message simple, the more positive the better.
  • Do not include food or other care package items with your letter or drawing.
  • No glitter or confetti should be used, or anything that is not securely attached to the letter or drawing.
  • Once finished, give your letter or drawing to library staff.

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