Become a Health Superstar with Superfoods!

A lot of us who are interested in health and nutrition have heard the word “superfood” floating around in recent years. On TV, on the radio, online, health experts seem to be talking about these superfoods and their health benefits all the time. But what are superfoods, exactly?

A superfood is described as a food product that is low in calories but high in nutrients and compounds believed to have special health benefits. Loads of magazines and websites have published lists of superfoods that are thought to be good for weight loss, immune support and other physiological conditions. The good news about these lists is that they almost always contain foods that doctors and dietitians would recommend be part of a healthy diet anyway, like fruits, legumes, whole grains and fish.

So how can you increase the amount of superfoods in your diet and reap all the benefits they have to offer? Check out one of the many books in our system specifically devoted to superfoods or take a look at some articles available to SCCLD members online listed below! Bon appetit!

12 “Superfoods” You Should be Eating (Harvard Women’s Health Watch, March 2013)

Gluten-free Superfood: Amaranth (Prevention, September 2013)

Secret Superfoods (Better Nutrition, Mar 2012)

4 Superfoods Worth Rooting For (Prevention, Jan 2013)


Superfoods (2010)
by Tonia Reinhard

A comprehensive reference to the world's superfoods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, cereals, and meat and dairy products. 


Superfoods (2006)
by Michael Van Straten

The perfect one-stop resource for anyone who wants to eat well and live well, this book is both a comprehensive guide to healing foods and a stunning collection of mouthwatering recipes.

Superfood Smoothies

Superfood Smoothies (2013)
by Julie Morris

Superfood Smoothies offers 100 nutrient-dense recipes plus innovative culinary methods to get the most health benefits and pack in the maximum amount of nutrition into every incredible drop of these satisfying drinks.

Superfood Kitchen

Superfood Kitchen (2012)
by Julie Morris

In Superfood Kitchen, beautiful dishes are entirely composed of plant-based, nutrient-dense, and whole foods that energize, nourish, and taste delicious. Each recipe artfully combines natural ingredients that deliver amazing amounts of antioxidants, essential fatty acids (like omega-3), minerals, vitamins, and more.

Superfoods for Babies and Children

Superfoods for Babies and Children (2006)
by Annabel Karmel

Tasty recipes that harness the power of SuperFoods to promote growth and energy and boost immunity and brain power.



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