Teen Horror Novel Survival Guide

I like reading scary books.

I also like living safe and unharmed.

After reading a bunch of terrifying novels, closing all my windows and locking my doors, I decided to make a list of helpful hints to avoid these horrifying and deadly situations. 


1. Do not go to parties at remote mansions on mysterious islands.


In the novel Ten, ten teenagers head out to a party off the coast of Washington and one by one they are picked off by a killer.  If I ever get an invitation for a party at a remote mansion, I am staying home and fixing popcorn. 

2. Avoid reclusive toymakers.

The Watcher in the Shadows

This is especially true if the toymaker in question has large mechanical creatures in his spooky mansion and the town is dealing with a series of grisly and unexplained murders as in  The Watcher in the Shadows.

3. Even if your parents did it, do not hunt the dead.

Anna Dressed in Blood

Sure seventeen year old Cas Lowood seems to be doing well with his mother who is a witch and his cat who can smell spirits. Until he meets  Anna Dressed in Blood, a ghost unusual and deadly enough that she kills every person who sets foot in her Victorian house.  Who needs the aggravation and the very probable death? I say put the mystical weapon away and take up something safer like rafting.

4. Do not go rafting where you hear the voices of the dead.

Dead River

Kiandra's father followed this good advice and kept Kiandra from all bodies of water since her mother killed herself in one.  However once Kiandra's boyfriend takes her rafting, the whispering begins with dangerous consequences on Dead River.

5. When you're in the dark woods, do not make up stories about scary creatures.

The Haunting of Gabriel Ashe

I know this one is difficult but, to avoid being completely terrorized, you must never go into the woods as a child and make up stories about a scary monster.  If you have done this, keep away from those woods or you could end up like Gabe and Seth in The Haunting of Gabriel Ashe. Unfortunately, for them, the small farm they live in is next to the woods where they find out their most monstrous creation is real.

6. Read how others have survived.

Unfortunately, I can't share everything I've learned. For your own sake, you need to check out these other bone chilling books to see what perils to look out for.


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