Don’t let your summer fruits go to waste…save them for later!

Summer is always the best time of year to get loads of delicious, sweet and juicy fruits and berries! From peaches to apricots to strawberries, nothing makes the hot months tastier than a nice, succulent piece of fruit!

What can you do to enjoy these mouth-watering morsels year long? Save them for later! There are many methods to preserve fruits right at home…all for a very reasonable investment into just a few key supplies! Preserving fruit is a great way to make sure you always have your favorite summer treats on hand, even as they start to vanish from the shelves in the produce department.

Not sure where to get started? The National Center for Home Food Preservation has loads of resources on their website to help you learn to can your fruits or make them into jams and jellies. It also has tips on storing your preserved foods once you’re done!

In addition to these online resources, the Santa Clara County Library District has a lot of books on home food preservation! Check out the list below and reserve your copies of these and other items today to get started on the road to enjoying healthy, delicious fruits year round.

Put 'em Up! Fruit: A Preserving Guide & Cookbook: Creative Ways To Put 'em Up, Tasty Ways To Use 'em Up

Put 'em Up! Fruit: A Preserving Guide & Cookbook: Creative Ways To Put 'em Up, Tasty Ways To Use 'em Up (2013)
by Sherri Brooks Vinton

A preserving guide and cookbook all in one! This creative collection has 80 inventive recipes for preserving 18 kinds of fruit, from apples, blackberries, blueberries, and cherries to cranberries, lemons, quince, plums, rhuburb, and tomatoes, but it also has 80 recipes for using your preserves!

Food in Jars

Food in Jars (2011)
by Marisa McClellan

Eating seasonally has never been so tasty. McClellan shows you how to store all manner of food in jars, with the focus on small batches that make easy projects for a canning novice to tackle. Learn to feed your soul as well as your body.

The Complete Home Guide to Canning & Preserving

The Complete Home Guide to Canning & Preserving (2012)

A complete book on preserving the fruits and vegetables you find at your local farmers markets. From jams and jellies, to sauces, salsas and pickles, there are many great ways to preserve the freshness and flavor of your farmstand favorites long after the season is done. You will discover techniques tools and tips as well as 75 popular recipes for canning and preserving foods at home.

Canning for A New Generation

Canning for A New Generation (2010)
by Liana Krissoff

This hip, modern handbook is filled with fresh and new ways to preserve nature’s bounty throughout the year. Organized by season and illustrated with beautiful photographs, it offers detailed instructions and recipes for making more than 150 canned, pickled, dried, and frozen foods, as well as 50 inventive recipes for dishes using these foods.

Canning & Preserving for Dummies

Canning & Preserving for Dummies (2009)
by Amelia Jeanroy

With the cost of living continuing to rise, more and more people are saving money and eating healthier by canning and preserving food at home. This easy-to-follow guide is perfect for you if you want to learn how to can and preserve your own food, as well as if you're an experienced canner and preserver looking to expand your repertoire with the great new and updated recipes contained in this book.