Fun with fizz: creating delicious soda at home!

Homemade SodaThe snap of the can or twist of the lid followed by the delightful hiss and bubble of the cool liquid inside: who doesn't enjoy a nice soda every now and again? According to a July Gallup poll , 48% of Americans drink at least one glass of soda a day. And since most sodas are loaded with sugar, this habit can get very costly, both for the wallet and for the waistline.

So what can we do to decrease our consumption of soda? Well, like everything else, try something different! Not sure where to start? Check out Andrew Schloss' 2011 book Homemade Soda. With over 200 recipes for making and using fruit sodas and fizzy juices, sparkling waters, root beers and cola brews, herbal waters, sparkling teas and coffees, cream sodas, floats, and other carbonated beverages, you are sure to find something to dazzle your tastebuds and curb that Coke craving! 

Most of the recipes in Homemade Soda don't need any fancy equipment or techniques, just some seltzer water, a few ingredients and a little imagination! You can also adjust all of the ingredients to make your homemade sodas exactly to your liking. Some of the stand out recipes include "Sparkling Honey Lemonade," "Very Cherry Cola," "Cold Fudge Soda" or "Sparkling Orange Creamsicle."

Reserve your copy of Homemade Soda today and start creating your new carbonated beverage of choice today! Have fun!