John Cage Centennial

This year the American contemporary composer, John Cage, would have turned 100 and venues around the world are holding events to celebrate.  Although his work is obscure to most of us, he's had an enormous influence on classical music and modern dance.  He's best known for his collaboration with the choreographer Merce Cunningham, and for his score entitled 4'33" (Four minutes, thirty-three seconds), which is scored for any instrument(s) and instructs the performer not to play.  Although it's commonly perceived as being silent, the piece is meant to make the listener aware of the sounds of the environment.

John Cage was also a visual artist, and some of his early works are on display Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University.

Where the Heart Beats Where the Heart Beats

Merce Cunningham Dance Company Merce Cunningham Dance Company

3 Compositions 3 Composit


ions No Such Thing as Silence No Such Thing as Silence

Points in Space Points i