September is National Yoga Month!

Yoga Pose

During National Yoga Month, yoga practitioners are touting the many health benefits of the ancient practice.

Yoga can lead to lower blood pressure, greater flexibility, and strengthened bones, as well as decreased stress, greater mental focus, and peace of mind.

Not just a physical exercise program, yoga is a system designed to generate greater clarity and harmony in life. The roots of yoga are in the East, but the practice of yoga in the West today has evolved into a variety of approaches.  Whichever approach you take, yoga gives you the opportunity to improve your physical and mental health in a positive, non-forceful manner.

National Yoga Month is a great time to explore this tradition, and the Library’s collection includes numerous books and DVDs, from basic to advanced, that are excellent guides to the practice and philosophy of yoga. Find some in your library today!

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Yoga Yoga

Yoga Yoga